Access Builders Directly help you in all planning for your conversions. We are happy to recommend you the best type of conversion suitable for your job and are happy to explain everything step-by-step, we feel that there is a lack of step-by-step system in the whole market to explain our beloved customers what we need to go through in order to achieve result needed.
A team of professionals & architects are always there to help and consult you when needed. They will help you to design and build your dreams. There are multiple options for you to chose from convesions, let me explain you what are the options and what to expect;

Loft conversions - is a great way to extend your home and add another bedroom and bathroom to create space, this will bring proportion into your home and increase its value. Adding another bedroom doesn’t have to be your only option, you can create a cinema room, an office or anything you want.

Roof light conversions - this requires the least amount of structural work and therefore most cost effective. The changes that will occur to the existing space are the plastering, strengthening the floor and windows to be set into the slope.

Dormer conversions - this is the most popular option as it’s a way to add light and increase the amount of roof space due to the structure being a flat-roofed dormer. The structure of the roof is altered at the rear or at the sides of the house.

Modular extension - this is only used when the existing loft space is unsuitable for the conversion and the measurements taken will be manufactured off site before being delivered as a module. The existing roof will be removed and the new module will be installed.